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At Styled, we teach women how to dress with confidence and style so they can have more time, money, and peace in their lives.

Our Styling Services empower women with the tools they need to be
with their bodies through color, fit, & style.
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with our guide tool, you will never have to wonder if that top looks good on you.
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Our customized virtual sessions will equip you with the tools, so you are confident in everything you wear.

The results...your dream closet. 

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Our certified stylist, Serena, will guide you with action steps to be a smarter, stylish, and confident shopper. 

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Now you know your best colors & fit. Our online boutique makes it easy with choosing the right pieces to add to your closet! 

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Have you asked yourself...
Does this look good on me?
Is this my color?
Why did I buy this dress... I've never worn!
What else can I wear with this jacket?
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Stress-free mornings
No more staring at your closet, wishing you could start over. With a closet, tailored just for you, you can be confident that whatever you choose to wear will look amazing on you!
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Save Time
Know what looks fabulous on your body type, so you won't have to try on 3 different outfits in the morning.
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Save Money
Know your best colors & style, so you shop smart by only buying pieces that look amazing on you!
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At Styled we know you want to be

Stylish & look put together

Whether you're running errands, working from home, or running a business, in order to be stylish you first must learn what looks best on YOU! The problem is you keep buying clothes and you're unsure how to create outfits, which makes you feel like you're wasting your money.  Do you feel frustrated? We believe women can stop this vicious cycle...

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