It is vital that your brand- including your clothes should be crystal clear to who you are and who you serve.
no more
Not only do you have no idea what to wear that will align with your brand, but you have nothing to wear. You rush to Target like a crazy woman, hoping you can find something.
you my friend
You deserve to look and feel beautiful every morning. You should love getting dressed in the morning because you love everything in your closet because it's in alignment with your brand, you feel beautiful, and you are ready to confidently show it! Now it's time to find a stylist who understands you & your brand.
I'm ready!

How styling services work

step 1. Book a call

In this 30 minute call, I want to know your style struggles and your goals and how I can help you release your inner fashionista. Once we decide on a service that best fits your needs a contract will be sent to make it official!

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STEP 2: style + brand

Before we start shopping, we need the foundations: color, body type, and personal style. You'll complete a branding questionnaire, upload your photos and create a style Pinterest Board. We will both be on the same page of your personal style + brand expressed through your clothes.

step 3: it's time to shop

You will receive a video of Serena walking you through your colors and flattering styles. Next, we will create outfits from your closet and make a shopping list to start building a closet that aligns with your brand and most importantly makes you feel confident and beautiful!

styling services

I am an entrepreneur.

Does your clothes tell your clients who you are? Do you have clothes that reflect your brand for your next photoshoot? It's time to take your brand to the next level with clothes that make you feel confident and express your brand!

I'm ready to brand myself!

i have a branding photoshoot!

Do you have a branding photoshoot coming up... and you feel like you have nothing to wear. Or you have no idea what to wear. If you are going to invest in these beautiful photos to market your brand, you want your clothes to reflect who you are and what you do! Are you ready to create some beautifull branded outfits?


what are my best colors?

Have you ever relied on the sales associate to tell you what your best colors are? Those days are over my friend. Discover your best shades of colors that make you shine and the ones that make you look tired and older - no thank you!

i want to know my colors!

my promise to you.

i want what is best for you

I can put you in super cute outfits, but that's not why I do this. I'm not going to make you wear clothes that don't feel like you. I want you to feel confident and beautiful in everything you wear. Yes, this is for your business- but it's so much more than that. This is the opportunity for you to grow and become the confident, sexy, powerhouse you are.

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The looks that Serena puts together saves so much time and you know that you’re going to look soo put together. I think I was on autopilot on some mornings but now my coworkers say "You always look so stylish.”


I recommend Serena’s input because she is no only creative but personal! She helps to understand your vision and needs for what you want to become! Now I feel more focused to truly represent myself the best way I can, and feel respected for it!



On-call stylist hours (current clients ONLY)

MON-FRI | 10 - 9 PM ET

SAT | 9 - 6 PM ET

Virtual Coffee Chats

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