Pantone Color Trends F/W 20/21

Upon reviewing the Pantone Fall/Winter 2020/2021 NYFW color trend report, I see that earth tones are making a comeback. We’re ready to return to basics. Living through (and with) a pandemic, our priorities have changed. We’re feeling the desire to get back to nature, to enjoy the offerings of the earth and its seasons over materialistic pursuits -- all of this circles back to wearing earth tones. After all, earth tones are colors created from the earth itself, which was how we, as a species, first experienced color (think: cave paintings and clothes crafted of leather and fur). But to me, a nature-based palette speaks not only of where we came from, but where we’re going. I see vibrancy and hope in this fall’s color trends; I see softness, femininity, and neutrals which are fresh, clean, and elegant -- I LOVE IT! 

If you’re like me, you may open your closet door to a sea of dark colors in fall and winter. But, this year, fall is the season to lighten up! Freshen up your closet this fall and winter with colors like Sleet, Almond Oil, and Classic Blue. 

Note 1: Earth tones (especially browns) don’t always suit my ladies with high contrast coloring, but no worries -- I have tips and solutions coming soon, just for you!

Note 2: Just a reminder, I don’t run out and buy every “on trend” color, but I do like to pay attention to these trends for fun and inspiration. Once you start paying attention, you’ll notice trending colors in every store you shop at, from high-end boutiques to Walmart! It’s nice to know, but by no means a requirement for stylishness, my friends.



Let me tell you, I’m in love with Amberglow. To me, this color is the essence of fall. This color encompasses my passion for pumpkin spice everything (don’t judge me!). This color is fabulous for sweaters and dresses but also accessories, like purses.



I’m calling this The Trio, because the moment I saw these three complimentary colors, I couldn’t wait to create outfits with them. The muted warmth of Rose Tan, rustic hominess of Sandstone, and unexpected daintiness of Peach Nougat (a peach tone that is peachy keen), give a new spin and freshness to earth tones. I’m excited to see colors like this in the fall and winter -- colors full of hope and femininity.

For those of you who are tired of Gold and its faddish cousin, Rose Gold, don’t worry: Silver is on the horizon. Sleet is a perfect neutral for everyone--sleek and contemporary, yet timeless -- this is a neutral that will never go out of style.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this color overview! Did you know that the virtual color swatches my clients use include current fall trend colors best suited to their natural coloring? Each woman can wear some combination of color trends, yes, but which ones work best for you, personally? (You want colors to work for you, not work on you -- colors shouldn’t wear you down or wash you out, but give you vibrancy and energize your glow!) If you love the Pantone Fall/Winter 2020/21 color report, but are uncertain as to which color trends to go for, or you need help with color in general, I would love to share more with you! Let's schedule a call friend!

If you want to shop the images I used in this post, click here. Hurry they are going fast!

What is your favorite color trend for Fall/Winter 20/21? Comment below!

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