How To Support Black Owned Businesses During Black History Month

Growing up, my mother taught me to be proud that I am black. She reminded me to remember and reflect on the black women and men who came before me, who believed they had greater purpose and rooted their lives in that purpose. Those black women and men persevered for the coming generations. They endured pain and trials, but they kept hope that one day their dreams would become reality.

I’m not claiming that life right now is the way the black women and men who came before me imagined it. We have a loooong way to go. But, there’s hope for a better tomorrow, which is what I encourage us to focus on, even when it’s hard. If we focus only on what’s wrong, we will forever be stagnant; we won’t progress forward to the world imagined, a world where everyone is loved and supported no matter their skin color.

Keep talking. 

Keep listening.

Be uncomfortable. 

Be open to different perspectives. 

Find solutions. 

Support black people as we come together as a country. 


how to support black owned businesses during black history month

Why is it important to support Black-Owned Business?

  • You are supporting someone’s dream -- something we should do for every human being.
  • You are giving black business owners the opportunity to build financial wealth and a legacy for their families, a freedom and opportunity the black community has not always had.
  • You are helping more black children see themselves and their futures in entrepreneurs who look like them. You are giving black children the hope that their skin color won’t prohibit their success.
  • You are supporting local business; you are creating an impact for your local community and building the future.

Now, it took me a while to figure out how I can use my platform to celebrate black women and the amazing things they’re doing. I’ve created a video featuring my personal favorite black-owned businesses; click through to shop and support these amazing endeavors. But what I’d really love is to hear about your favorite black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. I am so grateful for your constant love and support -- go ahead, my friend, and spread the love to other businesses, too!

Talk to you soon,

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