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Serena Johnson

Certified Image & Color Consultant | Personal Stylist | Style Coach

"I want to create a revolution of women discovering their beauty and                                 wearing clothes that reflect their confident, bold selves" - Serena

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope to meet you in person or virtually, but first let me share a little bit about myself.

I am a Certified Image & Color Consultant, Personal Stylist and Style Coach 

What does that mean? 

Girl, I do it all! 

As a young girl, I remember constantly looking for something or someone to love me or see value in me. I was influenced by society, which told me I was only beautiful if I met their standards.  Was I the right height, ethnicity, size? Did I have acceptable hair or makeup?  What about the clothing brands I wore? I got caught up in believing society’s lie of what was beautiful, which resulted in creating an insecurity of never being ENOUGH. 

But that all changed when I realized my inner beauty which is confidence, kindness and authenticity, was beauty that could never be taken from me.  With this new discovery, I knew the next step would be to reflect my inner beauty with the outer!  You see, I AM ENOUGH and so are YOU!  

This is the root and passion of what I do.

I want women to love themselves as they are RIGHT NOW! Yes, girl, right now. Your beauty can be reflected in what you wear, it's my job to show you, and I love this!  

When we meet, I want you to see your value and worth! I will be your coach on your style journey in looking and feeling fabulous! 

I want to create a revolution of women discovering who they are and whose they are, not how society defines them. And yes, my plan is to do that through clothes. We all need clothes, why not use them as a catalyst to express our unique individuality? Why not use clothing to reflect our inner beauty?   

As I work with women, I desire for them to see their value and worth as they learn how to find clothing to match who they are and how they want the world to see them. Light creates change.  Women ARE change makers.

I feel it is my calling to educate, empower and equip women to love themselves and live boldly, through the clothing they wear.

I can't wait to meet you!

Lots of love,



Certified Image Consultant

2018 to Present

Fashion Merchandising and Design: Visual Merchandising


in progress



Through clothing, we will educate, empower and equip women to love themselves and live boldly.

The Team

I am the behind-the-scenes, money making, problem solving queen. 

Jenine Johnson (aka. momma bear)

I am the graphic designer, product photographer (it's better if the subject is not moving!), and a professional popcorn maker. 

Kenyah Johnson (aka. baby bro)

I am the fashion photographer and aviation guru.

Kim Stevens (aka. grandpa)