the style update.

the style update.

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Who this package is for →→→

  1. You have lost your sense of style somehow along the way in life, which has resulted in you losing your sense of yourself. 
  2. You have no style. You have no idea where to start. You see all the cute outfits on Pinterest and wish you had someone to guide you on how to look put together. 

Hey friend, it’s time to invest in YOU! No matter which category you're in right now, it’s time to define your own personal style, but ultimately yourself! I believe every woman has an inner fashionista- including you- we just have to unleash her!

 How it works→→→

Step #1: Your Style Handbook (your color & body analysis)

  • Ok friend, after the contract is signed I will send you a questionnaire, instructions to upload pictures for your color and body analysis, and adding photos to your style inspiration board on Pinterest. Then I will send you a video of me walking you through your best shades of color that will make you shine and the ones to avoid. I will also talk about your...
  • makeup colors
  • recommended hair styles
  • recommended sunglasses
  • styles that flatter your body
  • what to wear/what not to wear
  • slimming style tricks
  • how to accessorize like a pro
  • your best-sized prints & jewelry 

This video will be sent to you as a link to give you unlimited access. This gives you the chance to watch the video, and then ask me any questions you may have and later refer back to the video as a refresher.

Step #2: Define your style and Virtual closet tour

Now it’s time for us to meet on zoom and go through your Pinterest board and define your style words- this is crucial when we shop later! Then I will give you a tour of your own virtual closet. There are three elements in your closet:

  • The “Finds” section: this is where you will find the pieces I found online that align with your best colors, body type, and personal style. 
  • The “Lookbook” section: this is where you find your monthly outfits that I create for you. You will have 6-8 new outfits each month! No more trying to figure out what to wear in the morning! Open your virtual closet in your app, and choose your outfit of the day! 
  • The “Closet” section: this is where you will upload pieces that are currently in your closet! Then I know what you have and use your pieces to create outfits! 
  • Click here for an example of the virtual closet

Step #3: Closet Cleanout, Budget, & Shopping Plan

In this session, we will go through your closet together donating or consigning the clothes that are not aligned with your style. And then store clothes that are not in the current season. We’ll then talk about your budget (monthly or overall), and the items I recommend to buy first based on my evaluation of your closet, and anything else you would like me to search for.

Step #4: Time to Shop

It’s my favorite part friend, where I can release my magic. I will shop for pieces that align with your color, body type, and style. Once I’m finished, I will contact you to like and comment on your favorites. I will then order and ship the pieces I recommend and fit within your budget to your house!  


  • STYLED Swag Bag ($50 value) 
  • Fabric Swatches ($35 value)
  • Virtual Swatches ($10 value)
  • 3 months access to Serena (stylist on-call)
  • 3 months access to the virtual closet (optional upgrade for 6-12 month access)

If you feel you would like more 1:1 with Serena, add a bonus session(s) to bundle and save with this package. 

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